Project presentation

The project entitled "A new integrated training system for the insurance intermediary"”, funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Program, carried out between November 2016 - October 2018, aims at developing a system (IDD) issued in December 2015, the training tools being adapted to the skills and competences of the postal sector, resulting in three similar e-learning platforms for each national market.


Postal workers require new skills and behavioural abilities to approach clients with insurance products. This is a new activity for them which requires proactivity, creativity and new knowledge. IDD focuses on customer mainly thus the proposed training programs for postal workers will be strongly customer oriented. The existing certification programs in insurance are mainly knowledge oriented, therefore by this project the intention is to reform from it from grounds shift it from knowledge based to competency based in the postal sector. Through this project, the postal operators can reach and develop those postal workers who poses natural abilities of entrepreneurship and strong will to overcome the current professional status, giving the opportunity to perform this new activity, namely the intermediation of financial services, in the same time with the postal activity.


The advantages of doing this activity by the employees from postal organizations derive from the interaction with a large population of end-user consumers. On the other hand, the project offers the opportunity for vocational development using modern types of educational tools, aiming at providing ways of communicating constantly between the trainers and trainees, exchanging best practices, ideas and experiences, making possible the continuous adaptation of the training materials to the ever-changing needs of insurance business.


The project is motivated by the realization of skills & vocational training needs emerging from the diversification of financial services of the EU Postal market. Therefore, postal operators have to adopt the insurance sales market which serves for a positive experience in terms of a single hub customer experience.


The project is addressed to postal employees who may constitute the main insurance sales force and whose effectiveness and correctness is crucial to enhance the organization’s brand name, increase its market share and service customers.

By taking part in this project, the employees of the postal operators (postmen and not only) will have an increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, their motivation and satisfaction in daily work will increase significantly, based on the intrinsic motivators of autonomy and purpose. Also, when they will receive an extrinsic motivator – the financial benefits generated by performing such activities – the target group will have an increased sense of ownership of their actions and what entrepreneurship means.


The participants in this project from the 3 Postal Organizations from this project will be at least 500. After the closure of the program the 3 Postal Organizations can further exploit project's outcomes to all front office employees involved in selling insurance policies, the number of them estimated at 2500.


This number is an estimation covering only project partners. Nevertheless, and given the size of the insurance market and extent of the global postal business activities, it is believed that the project’s results can benefit employees of all postal operators interested in adding insurance selling/reselling/advisory as services, as well as the stakeholders (min 40 in each country): the national regulatory insurance authority, the certification insurance designated organism, all the insurance companies, media: newspapers, televisions etc