Intellectual Output 4 (IO4)

The digital content developed in O3 will be delivered to participants in an online environment like learning management system.

Rory Sol partner elaborated the specifications for the eLearning platform regarding the digital content upload and implementation, for the content and also for the evaluation toolkit. The tests and slides technical specifications for implementation have been sent, the uploading method, the tests types and test outcomes. Rory Sol partner offered support for the elaboration of the specification for the functionalities, content display, test types and the conceptual overview of the first and second chapter.

ICI partner, based on the evaluation of the current situation in IT&C infrastructures and E-Learning platforms capabilities next software specifications was obtained. It has been analysed more E-Learning platforms and the most used is Moodle.

The specifications for this platforms are:

• PHP – minimum version 5.6.5., it is accepted also the PHP 7.1 for the last version of Moodle. PHP 7.0 version has some limitations and it is not recommended;

• Database: MySQL (Moodle accept also databases like: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server or Oracle); SQLr for searching in the platform.

• Moodle cloud analysis: MoodleCloud is a hosting service provided by the people who make Moodle, where you can get a fully-hosted Moodle site. MoodleCloud is a simple way to use this platform, no need to instal, upgrade or backup anything.

The first steps to install moodle platform are as follows:

• copy the Moodle archive on server and unzip it;

• access the link of the server or show in browser the install.php; choose the language;

• confirm the pats to the web address where the application is available;

• the Moodle director, where is the code; data director – where the content is stored.

Was install the databse for moodle platform: was set the database name, username and password are required fields; the database should be created on server and in the form you have to specify the correct name of it. The user should have permissions to write and read.

Was upload the first course on the Moodle platform using the dashboard and was create the first quiz based on this course.

The Postal Operators and Kek-Elta was performed the following tasks: preparatory activities for the hosting of the platform, manage database, user management, general technical database administration, interface and liaison between ICI partner and other technicians partners.