Intellectual Output 3 (IO3)

Intellectual output 3 is focusing on the development of effective, innovative and attractive tools and methodologies to stimulate interest of postal workers and motivate them towards the participation in the training program.

In that way, was elaborate the structure, the contents with the seven chapters in digital format using slides pagination, where was tested and updated the pages digital design for easy use and optimal display.

Rory Sol experts digitalized the chapters using slides pagination and each subchapter have been broken in several pages so it will be easier to be read and understand. Was tested the first and the second chapter from contents display and reading time point of view for digital design. The evaluation kit digitalization implementation methods have been defined and different needs and functionalities have been assessed for implementing the digital content. The specific modules for supporting the adaptation to national specificity have been decided to be implemented as examples, were the developed learning modules was adapted the content to national specificity, addressing legal and procedural differences, on institutions roles, such as: legal examples to address the differences; national institutions or national requirements for registering insurance entities. Rory Sol experts partner have made support for digital content integration with the eLearning platform and also was defined several technical specifications such as reading time, reading rules, test time, test rules, test structure and automatic test validation integration.

Kek-Elta and Hellenic Post partners was developed the digital content for the legal and fiscal topics based on guidance of ICI partner and attractiveness of the materials of digital content for insurance the insurance topics. Was realise the adapting of e-toolkit into national language and their specific training materials and evaluation toolkit.

Bulgarian Posts experts partner was made a research regarding the different servers to use, testing the digital content from technical point of view and configure database and moodle platform on server.