Intellectual Output 2 (O2)

Intellectual Output 2 is focusing on the development of a custom and extended training curriculum aiming to fulfill the training needs relevant to insurance intermediary required knowledge, skilss and competences in the postal sector. 

Was elaborate the training main structure based on needs identified via survey, relevant to insurance intermediary, with required knowledge, skills and competences as follows:

Chapter 1 – Basic concepts, terminology and specific legislation;

Chapter 2 – Insurance market and entities;

Chapter 3 – Legal terms of the Insurance Contract (Policy);

Chapter 4 – Insurances services in the market;

Chapter 5 – Insurance types and categories;

Chapter 6 – Insurance sales procedures;

Chapter 7 – Insurance Agents and Brokers daily workflow and procedure. 

Was elaborate a brief with legal overview for insurance field per participating country – determining commong legal base and level of EU regulations compliance, where was describe the compulsory insurance policies, the first important insurance policies and the main insurance companies, what are the criteria and the legal procedure for a person to become a legal insurance agent or to intermediate insurance policies, the legal regulatory institution or institutions (name, address, website, role), if the PO will sell insurances only in the offices or will use field agents.

The compulsory insurance analyze from Bulgarian Posts are as follows: civil liability insurance of motorist, accident insurance for passengers in public transport vehicles, compulsory insurance against accidents at work, compulsory insurance in the construction sector, compulsory professional liability insurance, where in the past Bulgarian Posts used to sell insurances only in post offices. This is the model that will most likely be applied in the future as well. 

The compulsory insurance analyze from Hellenic Post are as follows: auto insurance, ships and leisure boats, house insurance, where currently insurance intermediaries of Hellenic Post sell products exclusively in the post offices.

The compulsory insurance analyze from Romanian Post are as follows: motorized auto liability, house insurance, liabilities insurance for public transporters towards the damage cause to persons or cargo transported,  malpractice insurance, where Romanian Post Office will use field agents as needed.  

Rory Sol partner used more relevant study cases to address the common part and specific national part of the legislation and market for each partner. The Rory Sol experts was elaborated all the seven chapters and the two evaluation test from the evaluation kit, were all information was edited into the slide layout in the way that it should be put on the e-learning platform, as a standalone activity, to have a clear start and a clear end that can be tracked and assessed over a predefined period of time, for postal industry.

All three Postal Operators and Kek-Elta was adapted the chapters to the national insurance market, to respect the insurance national authority provisions and the national fiscal codes.