Intellectual Output 1 (O1)

Intellectual Output 1 is focusing on the research, identification and elaboration of training needs in the area of insurance intermediary.

After feedback from all partners was decided to conduct the surveys in the form of two different questionnaires.

The first one is targeting the experts in the insurance field so we can extract the most important concepts, skills and know-how used in the insurance intermediary job.

The first survey was intended to collect the skills necessary for a good insurance intermediate agent, were the results will be used in the training materials structure elaboration and future surveys targeting future trainees. The informations was collected following the application of the questionnaires, were was involved all the postal operators from Romania – Romanian Post for 99 employees, from Bulgaria - Bulgarian Posts for 198 employees and from Greece - Hellenic Post for 56 employees.

Based on the first questionnaire results, the second one was developed targeting the future trainees for assessing the specific training needs.

The  employees who participated in the study (experts in the field chosen by each country) have ranked the Level of Importance (LOI) for each mentioned skill have for their work as insurance intermediary (the skills that makes them succeed), as well as the Level of Effort (LOF) that the employing company puts to develop this particular skill.

The set of knowledge, skills and competencies (K-S-C) that the prominent Insurance Intermediary has to acquire in order to perform daily tasks properly, two preliminary tasks should be fulfilled by following, more or less, a “reverse way of thinking”. We consider that it is important, first of all, to identify, the main fundamental activities that the intermediary carries out during the provision of his/her services to the customer, either internal or external ones. Afterwards, as a natural cause, by using the below suggested methodology, we might be able to identify and extract important K-S-C.

The overview of the first survey is that the most of the trainees working in the insurance field feel that the company can help them more with the professional and personal skills development. This aspect can be discussed in the course to encourage future trainees to request more training programs, eInsurance being one of the new steps in this direction. There are no strong differences in the categories of the survey, the trainees answers showing a moreover equal importance of the conceptual, technical and social skills.

The second survey based on the questionnaire “Template Questionnaire” was developed with a sort items relevant to Intermediary’s day to day “Main Professional Activities” (M.P.As), account for the general areas of responsibility of insurance intermediary and illustrate what needs to be done in order to achieve his/her business objectives. They include at least three Individual Professional Activities, constitutes clearly defined interrelated activities forming the context of the rational and necessary steps to be taken, in order for an insurance intermediary to be successful and to complete a specific main professional activity. They include at least three Professional Tasks, are these distinct individual actions/tasks, part of the day to day professional activity which from or are motivated by the working environment and they stand for a mix of procedures, processes, methods, techniques, material, people and information. Depending on their nature, it is also possible that they include observed behavior.

The results of the second survey are very optimistic regarding the good potential that future trainees will complete the course in best conditions and will successfully boost their carrier with the insurance intermediary eLearning training program.

The intermediary and final results was presented and discussed with project members, following which it was decided to develop a unique training program for all countrys involved in the project.